Madagascar birding

Birds 39 Schleger's Asity

Dianne and I are back from 3 weeks birding in Madagascar, a tour arranged by Detlef and Carol of Birder’s Rest (they do Peru, Indonesia and NZ birding tours).  The bird above is a male Schlegel’s Asity, one of the highlights of the trip.  Much of the Madagascar rainforest has been lost to mankind, but there are still tracts where the Lemur’s and other native wildlife remain.  We found Andasibe-Mantadia national park particularly good, as were Berenty and Ankarafantsika.  Travel is not that easy as the roads are often pot-holed, but once at the destination the birding is good.  Madagascar has a number of unique bird families, including Vanga’s, Asity’s and Mesites.


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