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We haven’t visited many sites in Asia yet.


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Chinese Gardens, Singapore

We had a short stop-over on our way back to New Zealand, and I was able to spend a morning at the Chinese/Japanese Gardens (also called the Jurong Lake Gardens) in Singapore.  This is easily reached by taking the metro to EW25 Chinese Garden station.  The entrance to the gardens is a short walk across some fields (which may also contain bird life).  There are both water birds and passerines to be found, as well as turtles, otters and the large monitor lizards.  Also check the skies for raptors (such as the Grey-headed Fish Eagle).  It soon gets hot so it is a good idea to arrive early, and expect other people to be exercising in the gardens.

Stork billed Kingfisher
Stork-billed Kingfisher
chinese gardens
Japanese Gardens

Some useful web links for birding in Singapore:

There is a free Birds of Singapore Android app, as well as my Singapore Birding Checklist (also free).