African birding sites

South Africa is a great place for birds and other wildlife.  We have had just one trip to South Africa which we did with Rockjumper (it was our first Rockjumper tour and it will be the last tour we do with Rockjumper), and we logged 514 species for the 30 day trip.  We haven’t used Birding ecoTours ourselves, but have heard good reports from some fellow birders who have also recently been to South Africa, and they may be a better choice if you are planning a trip yourselves.

South Africa

Sani Pass

Whilst we weren’t impressed with Rockjumper, we highly recommend the guys from Birds and Beyond who took us on a day trip up Sani Pass.  This is a great spot for birds.  It was cloudy and slightly drizzly on the way up, but gloriously sunny for our short venture in to Lesotho.  The top of the pass is the place to find the Drakensburg Rockjumper.

45 Lesotho from 3000 m
Lesotho near the top of Sani Pass, altitude 3000 metres
Drakensburg Rockjumper
Drakensburg Rockjumper
Lammergeier (Bearded Vulture)


Kruger Park

In Kruger Park we travelled in open top vehicles which was excellent for spotting birds and wildlife.  We did a night tour as well but found it disappointing so we wouldn’t recommend that.  There is plenty to see during the day, starting early (5.30 am) when the gates from the various rest camps open.  It was very dry (possible 50 year drought) when we visited – usually it is a fair bit greener than the photos show.

There are numerous entrances to Kruger Park and it is very large.  We only spent time around Satara and Skukuza camps, and found the areas full of bird life.

A river in Kruger Park
A river in Kruger Park
Kori Bustard
Kori Bustard
S Carmine Bee-eater
Southern Carmine Bee-eater
001 Giraffes
Giraffes drinking at a small water hole