Kapiti Island


On Saturday we had a lovely day on Kapiti Island.  The beach area has Bellbirds, Red-crowned Parakeets and NZ Pigeons feeding in the sun on the low bushes.  We followed the Wilkinson track up to the trig (about a 2 hour walk) with plenty of Kaka, Robin, Saddleback, Stitchbird, Whitehead and Tui on the way up.  There are Weka (Western, not the NI subspecies) in the bush and a good view from the top.  We didn’t see or hear any Kokako, which are more likely to be seen on the Trig track which we were discouraged from going up.  The day spoilt only by the efforts of Kapiti Island Nature Tours, the ferry operator.  One of the reasons I haven’t been for a few years has been the escalating costs of the visit, and the fact they really want you to do a half day tour or stay overnight at the top end (which is REALLY expensive).  On arrival at the island you are subjected to a compulsory 30+ minutes history talk about the island – it is very interesting to hear about the whalers once or twice, but I’ve heard the story so many times I don’t need to hear it again.  Why can’t they deliver a safety briefing on the ferry ride across and then let you go see the birds when you arrive?  I’ve decided that I prefer Tiritiri Matangi.


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