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Dubai birding

Cream-coloured Courser
Cream-coloured Courser

On our way to the UK we had a stop-over in Dubai for a couple of days, and we took the opportunity to go our birding with a local guide from UAE Birding.  We had an excellent day out, getting over 70 species and adding some new ones to our lifelist.  This included the Cream-coloured Courser shown above.  They don’t have many endemics, but it is easy to find a wide range of species quite close to the city.

Back from South Africa

Grey-Crowned Crane

For once the bird on this blog isn’t a New Zealand species (it is a Grey-Crowned Crane).  We have just returned from what should have been a trip of a lifetime – a 30 day tour of South Africa.  We spent 5 days in Kruger, and toured the country which is a superb destination for birders.  We got 92 species on our first day, and after 3 days had done 200 species.  At the end of the trip we had 514 species, which isn’t bad considering there are only about 854 species in South Africa and the best birders have trouble breaking 700.  We had a good birding guide, but we weren’t impressed with Rockjumper.  The logistics of the tour left a lot to be desired, and this detracted considerably from what would have otherwise been a wonderful birding holiday.  We won’t be doing a Rockjumper tour again, and in future we are likely to do shorter tours and employ local guides rather than these international tour operators.